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Travel Directions: NEGROS to Bantayan Island

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Travel Directions: NEGROS Occidental & Oriental to Bantayan Island, Cebu Philippines:

I've been getting many inquiries & emails about traveling to Bantayan Island, Cebu Philippines via NEGROS Occidental & Oriental (especially Bacolod & Dumaguete) so I'm creating a permanently searchable BLOG Post here, along with some options for BACOLOD Negros flights for those who want to get to Cebu City the quickest, and then onto Bantayan Island.

There are large Ferry Boats (recommended) & large Pump Boats (I do not personally recommend these pump boats when transiting in open water/deep ocean; it's a rough ride that can be very dangerous if the seas act up in sudden weather) that leave from both CADIZ & SAGAY in northern Negros; they leave 3 to 4 days per week at around 10am, and there's no office to call there - it's just an empty pier that fills up with locals on the departure days.

When in CADIZ & SAGAY, just ask around at the Pier and they'll give you the latest 'schedules'...I personally ask when  the departure days are while I'm in Bacolod and I simply arrive on the Pier at 9am on the day I know the Ferry is scheduled, and take it from there.

a beautiful early morning January sunrise on Bantayan Island, Cebu Philippines

Bantayan Island: Olympus E-1, Olympus Zuiko 14-54mm f/2.8-3.5 Digital: 1/250s f/5.6 at 14.0mm iso200

The V-Hire & Bus Depots in Bacolod should absolutely know the current days the boats are leaving from CADIZ & SAGAY; I'd contact them first, as CADIZ & SAGAY are on their primary routes, and they drop passengers off at the Piers.

The Tourist Centers in Negros below should also know more about the ever-changing boat schedules in CADIZ & SAGAY.

Tourist Information Center in Bacolod: +63-34-435-1001
Negros Occidental Tourism Center: +63-34-433-2515

Travelers wanting to FLY & bus to Bantayan Island:

Plan A: The most direct route to Bantayan Island for you & your group from Bacolod, would be to get a bus NORTH from Bacolod, to either CADIZ or SAGAY (at the top of Negros) and hop a Ferry Boat over to Bantayan Island, arriving in Bantayan Town, 20 min. north of Santa Fe. (Santa Fe's located at the bottom of Bantayan Island and has the best Beaches & most of the Hotels/Resorts)

Cadiz is closer to Bacolod via bus, with Sagay further away; both cities have boats going to Bantayan Island at aprox. 10am on most weekdays, but you want to be on a larger FERRY boat & not a pump boat when you're in open water, so stick with CADIZ; aprox. a 4.5hr trip via FERRY to Bantayan Island.

Plan B -  From Dumaguete: the bus from Dumaguette & Bais City drives south and gets put on a FERRY Boat to Southern Cebu, where you board another Bus traveling north to Cebu City, then transfer to the NORTH BUS TERMINAL Cebu City for a 3hr. bus trip north to HAGNAYA, then board a FERRY Boat Hagnaya to Santa Fe, Bantayan Island.

Plan C: Fly commercial air Bacolod to Cebu City on PAL/Cebu Pacific, then bus from Cebu City to Hagnaya, then FERRY from Hagnaya to Santa Fe on Bantayan Island, and that's what I'd do if it were my choice, as that route offers the most security (no open water ferry) and comfort (only 1 bus trip/Cebu City to Hagnaya) for your group.

Private Air: FLY Private Air from Bacolod or Dumaguete  to Bantayan Island:
Hanul Sarang Air has access to many different types of aircraft from the smaller Cessna's to the much larger sightseeing tour plane I photographed in their TOP banner on their web pages, and can fly you straight to Santa Fe Airport on Bantayan Island; this is obviously the quickest route.

Welcoming our Traveling Friends from Negros Philippines,