Ground Directions from Cebu City (Quick Version)

Ground & Flight Directions to Bantayan Island - from Cebu City, Philippines:

quick directions Graphic, illustrating the North Bus Terminal, The Hagnaya Ferry Boat & Sugar Beach at Bantayan Island

From the North Bus Terminal Via taxi from Cebu City: make sure it’s a METERED taxi to avoid a price gouge, and insist the driver actually uses the meter (if not, just get another taxi; there's plenty to choose from without a long wait time)

1. Go to the North Bus Terminal in Cebu City near SM Mall:

Ceres Coach Bus at the North Bus Terminal, Cebu City: en route to Hagnaya & Bantayan Island, Cebu Philippines


interior & exterior images of the Cebu AutoBus taking passengers cebu City to Hagnaya en route to Bantayan Island

2. From the North Terminal, Ceres Coach Busses (yellow & white) & Cebu AutoBus Corp. (orange & white) run all day from aprox. 5am. onwards at  aprox. P160 aircon from very early in the morning, to the port town of Hagnaya in Northern Cebu (travel time 3hrs. to 4hrs or longer, depending on road work.

3. From Hagnaya's Port you'll hop a 75min. Ferry Boat (aprox. P170) to Santa Fe on Bantayan Island, and the boats run from 5:30am early morning until the last boat leaves Hagnaya at 5:30pm.

TIP: arrive at the Cebu City North Bus Terminal by 12 noon at the latest, in order to make the afternoon 3:30pm/4:30pm Ferry before 5:30pm (last Ferry) in Hagnaya Cebu.

Also, please be aware of road repair work being done through 2014-2015 on the Cebu City main highway north, and this will increase your travel time beyond 3hrs. especially when traveling later in the day (early am travel is always best)

This road work has increased the bus travel time to 3.5hrs/4hrs. on most days when traveling mid morning to mid afternoon.

Aircon Busses currently run only occassionally from Cebu City - Non Aircon Busses run every day, all day long.

For those who are driving their vehicle to Bantayan Island aboard the Island Shipping RORO in Hagnaya:

vehicle rates onboard the Island Shipping RORO Ferry