Bantayan Island MAPS

 Various Map & Road Map views of Bantayan Island & Santa Fe, hand drawn © by PJAMES.

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Color Map of Bantayan Island © PJAMES


The above May 2009 Map represents the relative shape of Bantayan Island, outer Islands & Islets, the relative position of where the major towns, and Santa Fe Hotel/Resorts are.

The Major Roads Map below indicates the relative positions of important main roads on Bantayan Island.

Road Map of Bantayan Island
Bantayan Island Barangay Map

 Below: Map of the Bantayan Island Association Members Hotel/Resort & Restaurant Properties

Map of Association Hotels/Resorts & Restaurants

 Maps & designs are © PJAMES

Enjoy our Maps - More Island Maps are coming in Summer 2009

Below: Map of the Bantayan Island Independant Hotel/Resort Properties

independant hotels MAP of Santa Fe, Bantayan Island

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